The Event

A Duathlon over the marathon distance of 26 miles contained within Dalbeattie Forest. The event consists of a 10 mile run of which 8 miles are on good forest road and the remainder on woodland track. This is followed by a 16 mile bike run over the 7 Stanes red route, of which 10 miles are on forest road and 6 miles on rough and steep single mountain bike track. The route is hilly in places with a height gain of 700 feet on the run and 1000 feet on the bike. The forest is varied in nature with great viewpoints. The event starts, changes from foot to bike, and finishes at the Richorn Trailhead 7 Stanes Car Park. The foot section will be way marked with yellow arrows, tape and ground painted arrows. The bike section will be similarly way marked in red to supplement the signs for the 7 Stanes red route.




The start will be at 11am. Competitors should get to the start in good time to register, number and rack bike and to generally prepare for the race. Aim to be registered by 10.30am. Helmets are compulsory and bikes must be fit for the purpose. A bike doctor will be at the start for emergency adjustments but this will not be a free service.

Water will be available at the start, changeover and finish and also at the 'clearing' at Map Ref: 854593. This is five miles on foot and thirteen miles on bike. Some competitors may consider bringing their own drinks bottles or hydration packs.

The route will be marshalled at numerous places along the route including three checkpoints. Some marshals will be on the trail and also some quad bikes, whilst a radio net will cover the entire route.

There will be caution signs on the bike route indicating rougher, steeper areas where there is increased risk of injury. Individuals are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others. Please observe normal protocol and allow others to pass when appropriate. Although it is a competitive event, we wish to stress that it is designed as a fitness and endurance challenge. Use judgement on the rougher sections and time can be made up on the roads.

Enjoy the challenge and enjoy our forest.

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One of our long term main sponsors, ETB Technologies Ltd have put up money for anyone who sets a new course record in the individual male and female classes. Any male or female who sets a new record will receive £200. ETB have agreed to put this money up every year for the foreseeable future. Many thanks to ETB Technologies Ltd for this generous addition to the hardrock challenge

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